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improving water with science

Aqua Chemical Nutrients : Chlorine free water desinfection




Created in South Africa and based in London since more than 15 years, ACN Chemicals is at the origin of a complete range of chlorine free water purifying products and supervises all its research & development .


ACN Chemicals and Water Development Program are registered in PT2, PT5 and P11 for Copper in ECHA.

European Chemicals Agency : ACN registered in PT2, PT3 & PT11 for Copper in ECHA

ACN Chemicals and Water Development Program are fouding members of the BCTF - Biocidal Copper Task Force.

Biocidal Copper Task Force : ACN founds members of BCTF - Biocidal Copper Task Force

Water Development Program is an approved supplier of World Health Organisation.

ACN is an approved supplier of WHO - World Health Organisation

DERICHEBOURG AQUA : A strength in the service of the man and the environment. Leading player in water treatment, at international level, for corporate services and serving communities. Poolsan is developped and packaged by the french production unit Derichebourg Aqua, situated in Normandy, France. Derichebourg is an official sponsor of COP21 and COP22

Derichebourg Aqua : Poolsan is developped in the french production unit in Normandy, France
Paris COP21 : Derichebourg (partner with ACN) is an official sponsor of COP21
COP22 : Derichebourg (Partner with ACN) is an official sponsor of COP22
Poolsan is developped and packaged in the Derichebourg production unit in Normandy, France

about ACN

ACN was established in 1994 to focus on additives for water treatment involving ionic reactions, either reducing or completely replacing the need for chemicals like chlorine which create potentially carcinogenic by-products when used in water treatment.


Today, applications are as varied as swimming pool, potable and industrial water treatment bringing safe water to all of us while preserving the environment.

About ACN
À propos
Poolsan® : 100% chlorine-free and odourless water treatment for pool & spa
Poolsan® : chlorine free and odourless water treatment for pool & spa

PoolSan is the only genuine chlorine-free range of swimming pool treatments for domestic and commercial swimming pools. Our proven liquid formula combines together the natural mineral ions of copper, zinc, gold, aluminium and silver to bring you the future of swimming pool treatments.


This revolutionary alternative eliminates the need for traditional chlorine treatments in pool and spa water, leaving you with sparkling, clear, soft, odourless water that does not irritate skin or eyes or bleach your hair !


PoolSan’s unique liquid is simple to use and is designed to make the switch from chlorine treatments easy. It even works up to 3 times longer than traditional treatments to guard your pool or spa water against algae and bacteria, while its non-corrosive minerals ensures your pipes and pumps remain free of scale build-up!


And even if you currently use traditional chlorine-based swimming pool supplies, it’s easy to switch !


Thanks to PoolSan you can create a much safer and more enjoyable swimming environment for friends, family and guests! It guarantees a completely new swimming experience that will ensure you never want to use chlorine treatments again !


Jump in to discover 100% chlorine-free swimming!

Bacsan : No toxic, chlorine free water purification process for bulk applications
Bacsan : No toxic, chlorine free water purification process for hospitals

Bacsan is the most concentrated of the range of chemical products distributed by Water Developement Program. It is liquid and supplied in 25 liter impact drums for bulk applications. No toxic or harmful by-products are formed in the purification process. Depending on the quality of the water being treated, the ratio at which Bacsan Solution is dosed into the water can vary from 1:1000 to 1:500000 litres.

Bacsan® : Chlorine free & odourless Industrial Water Desinfection
One Drop® : Revolutionnary, easy to use, cost effective, chlorine free, flavourless, odourless water purifiyer

A water purifyer which is revolutionnary, easy to use and cost effective enough to be accessible to everyone. It can be used by travellers, hikers, city dwellers and rural population to provide water that is safe and pleasant to drink ! 

One Drop
Spectracer FR- PNG.png
Accreditation Logo.png

SPECTRACER CPACHEM has been manufacturing custom made multi-element solutions, covering most laboratory analysis needs since 1999. To avoid contamination these solutions are manufactured under clean room conditions and accuracy is guaranteed by traceability to NIST standards.
All Our Certified Reference Materials and Reagents are produced under an ISO 9001 Quality Management System, also Accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025 and Accredited according to ISO Guide 34
All solutions are supplied with their own certificates of analysis indicating the concentration of each element.


Our unique automated Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM) system for preparing custom made multi component and single component standards ensures that we produce the best possible quality standards at the lowest possible prices, saving you time and money while guaranteeing you accuracy and traceability. At SPECTRACER CPACHEM custom made multi-component solutions can cost up 50% less than the combined cost of the single element solutions needed to prepare the multi-component blend, and that is not even counting your time and effort for preparation! Ask us to quote for your multi-component blends of standards and see how much you will save !

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