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The article from the local newspaper states that the leisure center from RAHOLT with 5 pools shall be made to work chlorine free with PoolSan.

IDREtt & Anlegg


The article describes in broad termes the background, the functionality and the benefits of PoolSan as well as the today optimum controllability and energy saving achieved by the use of Tec2000 , and describes two public owned pools with success from using PoolSan.

Poolsan UK is actively participating at the WAHC conference in Colorado Springs , USA.

“The world needs more people living healthier lives. Aquatic venues play an important role to maintain and improve health. The annual World Aquatic Health™ Conference (WAHC™) spotlights issues and reveals solutions to better ensure our world has healthy pools and healthy bodies. The innovations and advances attract leaders from the aquatics field, government, and leading thinkers and influencers to network and explore today’s issues and tomorrow’s opportunities. Each year, hundreds register from around North America and several other countries.”

national swimming pool foundation
Market sports health club

Market Sports Health Club switched their pool treatment to Poolsan, the odourless chlorine-free pool and spa water treatment ! So it is a reliable choice for public and private pools as well ! It doesn't hurt the skin, doesn't irritate the eyes ! Poolsan also concerns people who have asthma, skin problems and other things linked to chlorine. Change your treatment for Poolsan is easy ! Like MSHC said, "Our water is incredible" !

French swimming federation

Natation Magazine, August 2016

Poolsan, official supplier and partner of the French Swimming Federation. It introduces Poolsan as an alternative of chlorine, how efficient it is and the system explanation.

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